2nd cycle, 1st module

Radisson AR Hotel Bogota

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After a successful first cycle completed in 2017 in Cartagena – Colombia, the European Society of Neuroradiology – ESNR and the Colombian Association of Radiology - ACR, presents a new cycle of the European Course of Pediatric Neuroradiology in Latin America, that will be divided in two modules (2018 and 2019), which aims at providing the recent developments in the neonate, traumatic and non-traumatic emergencies, techniques in MRI and CT, stroke, infections, malformations and more.


The morning session of the course consists of dedicated lectures by world renowned Pediatric Neuroradiology experts. The afternoon sessions will focus on multiple small group interactive workshops. At the end of the course there will be a written exam with multiple-choice questions (optional).

The target audience for this course will be radiologists, and residents of radiology.


Goals: At the end of the course the participant will be able to:


1. Use pertinent tools for an adequate interpretation of Pediatric Neuroimaging.

2. Develop a practical approach to the interpretation of Pediatric Neuroimages.

3. Review how state of the art Pediatric Neuroimaging technology has changed in recent years.

  • The neonate

  • Accidental and abusive trauma

  • Non-traumatic emergencies

  • Fetal MRI

  • Standard and advanced MRI

  • Congenital and neonatal infections

  • Stroke

  • Hemorrhage and vascular malformations

Andrea Rossi, Italy

Cecilia Okuma, Chile

Birgit Ertl Wagner, Canada

Charles Raybaud, Canada

Carolina Tramontini, Colombia

Claudia Lazarte, Peru

Claudia Rodríguez, Mexico

Fátima Aragão, Brazil

Elka Miller, Canada

Feliza Restrepo, Colombia

Giulio Zuccoli, USA

Jorge Dávila, Canada

Leandro Lucato, Brazil

Maria Fernanda Ladino, USA

Manohar Shroff, Canada

Nicolás Sgarbi, Uruguay

Renato Hoffman, Brazil

Valeria Schoenstedt, Chile

Rosana Salvático, Argentina

Ximena Stecher, Chile

Fabricio Gonçalves, Brazil

Francisco Rivas, USA

Kshitij Mankad, United Kingdom

Melissa Valdez, Peru

Pia Sundgren, Sweden

Teresa Sola, Spain


With its captivating culture and strong mix of modern and traditional customs, Bogota, the Capital of Colombia, it is an exciting location that promises to be the setting for an extraordinary event.


Making your way through the city will lead you to the oldest Museum in Latin America – National Museum, the largest collection of pre-colonial gold pieces at the Gold Museum, graffiti art, handcrafts, more than 2.000 restaurants and bars, emeralds markets, fruit markets and off course, the smoothest coffee in the world.


Near Bogota you can visit beautiful towns and historical places such as Zipaquirá, Villa de Leyva, Paipa and Guatavita.


El Dorado international airport (BOG) is the third most important in Latin America. 25 diferent international airlines operating in El Dorado, where arrive direct flights from over 50 cities around the world and frequencies from 40 cities in the interior of Colombia.

Make your online registration in this official site. Virtual payments are accepted by a valid credit card. In Colombia, you can make deposit or bank transfer to the account number 021 037 835 96 - Bancolombia bank, to name of the Colombian Association of Radiology. Copy of voucher must be sent to secretaria@acronline.org



ACR Members (Colombia)

ACR agreements*

Radiologists and residents

Final exam

Until June 30th





Until August 30th





From Septiembre 1st





*Taxes not included (19% VAT)

*Agreements: Argentina (SAR y FAARDIT), Chile (SOCHRADI), Ecuador (FESR), USA (ARRS), Guatemala (ASORADGUA), Honduras (AHR), Mexico (FMRI y SMRI), Nicaragua (ANRI), Panama (SPRI), Peru (SOCPR), Brazil (SPR), Venezuela (SOVERADI), Uruguay (SRIU).


Organizing Committee

Carolina Tramontini, MD., Jorge Dávila, MD. y Fabricio Guimaraes Gonçalves, MD.

Cra. 43 No. 33-57 | Bloque 5, Of. 220

Medellín, Colombia.

Telefax: (57 4) 262 69 78

Phone: (57) 315 716 24 61